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AMBRA 900 (this is the syntetic version of the ‘Gut & Silk 900 set)

Up to the middle of the 20th century, the only available strings for guitar were plain gut for Trebles and silk wound strings for basses: their acoustical performance was quite different from that of modern stringings.
The salient characteristics were: a marked tonal presence, response and brightness typical of the gut strings (certainly superior to plain nylon and in some respects closer to fluocarbon strings) while the basses, on the other hand, possessed an exquisitely vocal quality, i.e. not so bright as, and with less sustain than, modern wound on nylon strings and more fundamental heavy.

Our Ambra set was developed keeping in mind this historical fact, in order to best re-create, by means of modern synthetic materials, the sound of gut and silk -wound basses of that times.
This set was conceived for one grade of tension and consists of gut colour- New Nylgut® for Trebles, rectified in the same way of gut strings, adopting the representative mean diameters as indicated by Pujol in his method.

Product Evaluation
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Average Rating : 4.7 /5
D. Pierluigi
  on 18/03/2018
Ho provato molte corde (anche molte Aquila) e questi sono i migliori cantini in assoluto che ho suonato. Buoni anche i bassi.
L. Eugenio
  on 29/10/2017
V. Pietro
  on 26/05/2017
Corde dalla bella sonorità "piena" ed equilibrata, mantengono bene l'accordatura. Ora voglio provare anche le Ambra 800
  on 01/03/2017
suono brillante su chitarra del 1866
K. Kristo
  on 01/02/2017
I only use the basses and hope that one day I can purchase them separately.

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